Services & Projects

With ten years of immersive experience working with certified and award-winning luxury properties and hospitality services, iDelight specializes in:


- Bespoke consultancy & training for front desk, club lounge, guest relations, butlers, in-room dining, housekeeping

- Bespoke consultancy in setting up & managing departments - Pre Opening Consultancy, Opening Assistance, the task force

- Development of Service Manuals, Corporate Culture in alignment with current service trends & forecasts, client's needs, mission and vision

- Development of streamlined standard operating procedures tailored and fine-tuned for your property

- Development of task lists/checklists 

- Development of comprehensive Job Descriptions

- Development of other materials for clients' need

- Mystery shopping inspections


You can also hire iDelight for preffered period of time to achieve your goals!


We are committed to perfection & our client's satisfaction is our priority.






Flagship programs:



- Workshops on building consistent quality in a hotel


- Workshops on complaint management and handling dissatisfied guest


- Personalization Training for the Front of House Department (Relationship Department, Reception, Concierge, Bell)


- Butler Training



- Training in luxury service tailored to the individual needs of the property (Front of House departments) - find out more - click the button below!